Extreme Tech Misconceptions

How many people do you know who (I have come across all these, some quite often):

1. Believe google earth/street view could be used as a replacement for CCTV – e.g. to catch theives.

2. Are completely unable to understand the idea of a location in a file system, despite repeated attempts to explain it – e.g. – cannot find a saved file unless it is in the default directory of a given application.

3. Never empty their camera cards or back up their contents.

4. Do not have the slightest idea what is meant by memory sizes – e.g. would not know the difference between a 4GB SD card and a 64MB SD card.

5. Think day and night is caused by the sun going round the earth.

6. Think that clutches wear while the pedal is completely pressed down.

Know any other extreme tech misconceptions? Please post them below.

6 thoughts on “Extreme Tech Misconceptions”

  1. Via Marco:

    – pressing an elevator button repeatedly makes the elevator come faster
    – likewise: clicking on an icon repeatedly makes the app start faster
    – especially true for English native speakers: if someone does not understand your English so well, just speak louder

  2. The light from a camera flash can light up an entire landscape. I saw someone in an aeroplane take a photo of a twilight landscape out of the window and repeatedly use the flash.

  3. The flash one should also be explained to supporters at large sporting events and rock gigs. I know it looks cool having lots of flash bulbs going off in the audience, but do they really expect them to light the pitch/stage? Maybe they are hoping that they will all flash in a cluster and do collective illumination?

    I would also add the selling of compact camera with more than 8MP resolution as ‘better’. There is no resolving power in a typical compact lense above that, so it is better to concentrate on making more sensitive cameras, but this does not fit with the marketing model.

  4. As I said on FB: they do not think about the fact that if a single battery powered camera could light up the whole of Croatia (or even football stadium) for a 90 km radius then we probably wouldn’t have the energy problems we do.

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