How to remove a friend in Facebook

Before you start, the question most people want to know the answer to is – when you unfriend someone on Facebook, do they get notified? The answer given is – you disappear from your former friend’s friend list but your friend is not otherwise informed. You can still view your friend’s Facebook profile if it is public, but you have no other access.

1.Find their profile – by clicking on your list of all friends and clicking the person’s name.

2. Right down at the bottom on the left hand side is a link – “Remove from Friends” – click it!

3. Do what you have to do to get rid of the “are you sure” thingy.

You’re done.

Extreme Tech Misconceptions

How many people do you know who (I have come across all these, some quite often):

1. Believe google earth/street view could be used as a replacement for CCTV – e.g. to catch theives.

2. Are completely unable to understand the idea of a location in a file system, despite repeated attempts to explain it – e.g. – cannot find a saved file unless it is in the default directory of a given application.

3. Never empty their camera cards or back up their contents.

4. Do not have the slightest idea what is meant by memory sizes – e.g. would not know the difference between a 4GB SD card and a 64MB SD card.

5. Think day and night is caused by the sun going round the earth.

6. Think that clutches wear while the pedal is completely pressed down.

Know any other extreme tech misconceptions? Please post them below.