MS Word Numbering

Is it just my usage pattern or is this the most screwed up feature ever to show it’s face in any application. I took a movie or 2 of a typical interaction with this feature, just to show the world I’m not making it up. They would be quite amusing if I wasn’t trying to finish an important (to me) doc….
In the movie you’ll see

  • “Continue numbering” with the previous number as 1, turn a number to 97 or something
  • Set number value (how can that be misinterpreted OR difficult to program??) turn a number to 97 and indent it by the wrong amount which then can’t be undone without turning all the numbers in the entire document to one long list…
  • Various failed attempts to copy bits from numbering parts which turned out OK but mysteriously screw up when pasted in this bit
  • Starting a new line does not produce a new number for some reason

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