Signs that warn you about things you can’t do anything about

I’ve often wondered why they put up static road signs with pictures of e.g. rain, falling rocks, collapsing road surfaces, fog etc…
How am I supposed to change my behaviour based on the knowledge that a rock might fall on me or that the side of the road might collapse suddenly. Should I drive in a zig-zag path, or on the middle of the road? Should I go home and get my macintosh in case it rains (I’d know if it was raining already).
This is a good example. I’m going down a mountain road after a walk in the snow – the road is covered with snow and I see this sign. I know there’s snow and ice on the road and there’s not much I can do if a big rock comes down on the car…

Another China rant…

This really gets to me: The chinese are violating more human rights than you’ve had hot dinners. They’ve got the history’s greatest mass murderer pinned up as the centrepeice of their capital’s main square.
They threaten nuclear attacks and don’t give a damn about retaliation.
They continue to torture, kill and abuse Tibetans and their own people.
They (allegedly – though I’m not so sure after tests) censor the internet.
Oh yes and they torture cats and dogs horribly:.
And do Bush and Blair invade them like we did Iraq (supposedly for nuclear threats and human rights violations) no – they are sucking up to them right left and centre with trade agreements, Presidential visits, etc… etc… The fact that the Olympics are in Beijing in 2008 reminds me of when they were in Berlin in 1936. No doubt, Chinese officials will be doing a similar coverup operation.
I just hope a bit of freedom of information through the internet will change things.