Maybe someone can be bothered

Transfunctional household objects. A fridge made from a TV. It looks exactly like a TV but you can open it and pull a cold beer out of it. A TV which looks like a microwave etc….

Asymettric clothes. Why have asymettric clothes never been in fashion? I went out wearing an odd pair of shoes the other day and it struck me that I had never seen anyone doing that before. Even the sort of people who try to do things that nobody has ever done before.

Flashmob government. If the internet can make Dean more money than Bill Clinton, couldn’t we move politics entirely to the internet. Why obey a national government other than because they have an army and a police force which would lock you up if you didn’t (and because anarchy is VERY BAD NEWS). But in theory you could abdicate from national control and subscribe to a worldwide internet government say. I’ve always thought it was shite that just because I was born somewhere, I have to agree with what Tony Blair wants me to do.

Programming: a program that will tell you exactly all the cookies that are used by an entire domain by spidering it.

Google of things. I put an RFID tag on all the things I normally lose. Then when I want to find my keys, my wallet, my shoes, my passport etc…., I just type it into a computer with an RFID sensor on it and the RFID attached to the object I’m looking for beeps.

How about an anti-science movement. It seems fairly apparent to me that science for the most part doesn’t make people any happier. Washing clothes by hand is probably better for your state of mind than watching violent movies for example. But nobody seems to question the need for putting lots of money into science.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go skiing down an infinitely long slope. Really great. So if it were possible to create a realistic enough virtual ski slope this would solve a lot of problems for a lot of people. No need to drive into the mountains. No need for expensive ski lifts or the pollution they entail. The problem is gravity as far as I can see it. It is very difficult to simulate acceleration. But here are some thoughts. First of all you can do it in space with the coreolis force (you can do this on earth but then it is always added to gravity which would disturb the illusion) – so if you lived in a space craft, a virtual ski machine with infinitely long slopes would be quite possible. Second, when skiing, the main sensations are the up and down of the bumps under you (easy to simulate) and the wind (also easy to simulate). So maybe all that’s needed is that and an ever increasing effect to simulate acceleration (or have I missed something?)

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