UI Niggles

Here are my top 2 annoyances for user interfaces – very easy to fix – don’t know why it hasn’t been done.

  1. When searching sent mail in Outlook and Thunderbird, the search field doesn’t change to recipient instead of sender (which is always me for sent mail).
  2. Those alarms on big trucks which say “peep peep peep, this vehicle is reversing”. Firstly – what difference does it make if a vehicle is going backwards or forwards – if it’s a big truck, I’m going to notice it anyway. Secondly – why – THIS vehicle – of course it’s this vehicle – you’re not going to have a noise like that about another vehicle. Thirdly they do it every time so most of the time you just get completely desensitised to it and it’s probably more likely to make you ignore the vehicle – it’s an annoyance rather than a warning.
  3. Web interfaces which say “your submission has been saved” and keep on saying this even when you’ve made some more changes.
  4. Windows allows you only one set of wireless network connection settings.
  5. Windows doesn’t give you a don’t overwrite all option when copying lots of files. (it gives you an overwrite all option).
  6. Internet explorer in windows mobile edition does not save login details.
  7. MS word does not convert all of a selection to a selected style when you tell it to do so.
  8. MS word still screws up bulleted lists even after all these years.
  9. MS word puts drawings in a stupid box which gets mixed up with other boxes.
  10. MS word hasn’t figured out an easy way of doing intuitive text flow around or under images.