Mr Logic

I thought this page was very funny:
And it reminded me of Viz’s Mr Logic:
Here’s a quote from Mr Logic:
“Armed Robber: No nonsense. Just give me all your money.
Mr Logic: I shall commence by pointing out to you that my demeanour is
not one which could be described as nonsensical. Consequently I can
attest you have no cause to reprimand me on your first point. On to
your second point: Bearing in mind the potentially lethal situation in
which I find myself, to wit: your presence in conjuction with the
presumably loaded firearm which is presently levelled at my cranium, I
will comply with your request comprehensively, albeit reluctantly.
Here, twenty-seven pence.
Armed Robber: Twenty-seven pence? F*** off. There’s more than that
in the till.
Mr Logic: Indeed, undoubtedly so. However your request was for *my*
money. The currency in the till belongs to a third party and is
therefore not “my money”. However, if you are still desirous of said
money I would suggest that you re-phrase your original statement to
recognise and incorporate this important distinction.”