Crap Science Cont’d – shock discovery – Fish Feel pain when you lift them out of the water by a hook attached to the inside of their mouth

Crap Science Cont’d – Shock Discovery – Fish Feel Pain

The researchers, led by Dr Lynne Sneddon, say the “profound behavioural and physiological changes” shown by the trout after exposure to noxious substances are comparable to those seen in higher mammals.

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Another example of crap science. Fish change their behavior when you torture them. Wow that must have really taken a lot of hard work to figure out. Maybe it’s the way it’s reported but it seems to me you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that for example thrashing around and gasping for breath is a sign of being not all that happy with the state of affairs.

What amazes me about this is that people see it as something that has to be proven. I would have thought that proving that fish don’t feel pain (however that might be done) would be the perogative.

Fishing is truly an amazing thing. I remember they used to use images of men fishing to convey the tranquil life – I remember in particular one advert for Flora Margarine. I would love to see a comedy sketch where middle aged men sit on fishing stools and hook squirrels out of the trees so that they sqeal in agony – mixed with say a margarine advert. If you think about it the only difference is that the fish are not furry and they don’t squeal when you torture them. Otherwise everything is the same. “ah but we put them back”. Lovely.